How to add a Twitter link to my email signature

So many tweets, so little time. Here is a great (and free!) way to get more people to read your tweets and start following you. Harness the power of the emails you send daily by adding your Twitter profile to your email signature. WiseStamp enables you to customize your email signature and add a Twitter icon directing to your profile. Each email you send will enable your friends to go to your twitter page with a single click, view your tweets and follow you. how to link to my Twitter Profile Add Twitter to your signature and make it more personal and effective. Follow these steps to add Twitter into your email signature:
  1. Install WiseStamp
  2. In the WiseStamp Social Icons tab select the Twitter Icon
  3. Link to your  Twitter profile *
  4. Click on the ‘OK’ button.
* The link should be ** Like the Twitter icon in your signature? You gonna LOVE the Twitter Email App! how to add a twitter link to my email; Signature example: Add twitter to your email signature

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