How do I link to my eBay Store in my email

After setting up an eBay store the biggest challenge for an eBay seller is getting people to visit your eBay store. The more people that see the items in your store the better off you are. Here is a free way to get more visitors – link to your eBay Store in your email.

how to link to my eBay store

WiseStamp lets you create a customized email signature for free that can include social icons to your different profiles and pages on the web. Simply add an eBay icon to your email signature, so whenever you send an email whenever the icon is clicked it will direct people to your eBay store. 

Just imagine the amount of emails you send daily and the many people you are in contact with, harness the power of these emails that you send and include eBay in your email signature!

Link to your eBay Store in your email signature:

  1. Install WiseStamp
  2. In the WiseStamp Social Icons tab select the eBay Icon
  3. Link to your  eBay profile *
  4. Click on the ‘OK’ button.


* The link should be

** Want to take your eBay Store to the next level? Add the eBay Email App!


How to add eBay to my signature


Signature example:

eBay signature example

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