How do I support GlobalGiving in my signatures?

GlobalGiving and WiseStamp have partnered to allow support of worthy causes using your every day emails. Simply add GlobalGiving to your email signature and each email you send will bring some good to the world and help a cause you support.

How to support GlobalGiving in 4 simple steps:

1. Install WiseStamp 2. Open the WiseStamp editor and add ‘My Causes’ from the ‘Email Apps’ tab (see image) 3. Mark the projects you wish to support and click ok (if you choose more than one, they will randomize so only one project will be displayed in each email sent) 4. Click on the ‘Apply’ or the ‘OK’ button. Now, when you send an email to your friends, family and colleagues, they can easily support, donate or spread the word about the project you care about. Collect 10 karma points for making the world better!

Gloval Giving signature examples:

* You can choose more than one project to support. Each time you send an email a random project you chose will be displayed. ** The My Causes Email App allows your recipients to perform multiple actions - donate, find out more, easily tweet or post in Facebook about the project and support it in their own signature.

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