Random Sign-Offs App – add alternating professional or funny email sign offs in your emails

Did you ever give a thought about how people sign-off their emails? Do you use professional email sign offs or a funny e-mail sign off?

What sign off phrases do you prefer - Cheers, All the best, xoxo or a Namaste? With the cool and functional WiseStamp Random Sign-Off App you can give your sign-offs a twist - predefine as many sign-offs as you want and when you send an email one of them will be chosen randomly and added to your signature to give your emails some extra spice.

 professional email sign offs

Get your Random Sign-Off App - Follow these simple steps:

  1. Install WiseStamp email Apps version (Firefox / Chrome).
  2. Open the WiseStamp editor (click the WiseStamp icon and then "Open WiseStamp")
  3. In the Apps tab, click the Random Sign-Off App and click the "Add" icon. Choose the Sign-Offs you want to use and click "Ok".
WiseStamp will choose one of them randomly when you send an email.

Funny email sign offs

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