Promote your blog in every email you send with WiseStamp RSS Email App

Do you write a blog? with the WiseStamp RSS App -  you can share your recent blog post, your company news and more  in every email you send. You can easily share your latest blog post in Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL mail and more...simply by installing WiseStamp (firefox/chrome) addon. Finally an easy way to get more blog subscribers and readers! Rss email signature Add the RSS App to your emails - Follow these simple steps:
  1. Install WiseStamp email Apps version (Firefox / Chrome).
  2. Open the WiseStamp editor (click the WiseStamp icon and then "Open WiseStamp")
  3. In the Apps tab, click the RSS App and click the "Add" icon. Title your RSS feed and add the URL to the feed.
  4. How do you find the URL? Simply go to your blog/news site and look for the orange icon . Now, copy the address (URL) into the RSS URL field in the WiseStamp editor.
That's it! Rss feed in email signature This is a very powerful way to get new readers and to spread the news that interest you. Check it out!

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