How to add quotes for email using the Random Quotes App

WiseStamp partnered with QuotesDaddy to bring you the great Random Quote App. You can now add a random quote by topic to your emails. Just choose a topic: Love, Inspiration, Funny quote or other and the Random Quotes App will generate a random quote from the QuotesDaddy website in every email you send!

Get your Quotes Email App

  1. Install WiseStamp email Apps version (Firefox / Chrome).
  2. Open the WiseStamp editor (click the WiseStamp icon and then "Open WiseStamp")
  3. In the Apps tab, click the Random Quotes App and click the "Add" icon. Choose a topic in the popup (see screenshot below) and click "Ok".
Whenever you send an email a random quote will be added to it, enriching your recipients with fun, humor or insights. Famous Quotes in your email signature

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