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WiseStamp says Hello to Ello

WiseStamp says Ello




We are proud to announce that we just added Ello, the trending new social network to our supported social services. You can now easily add your Ello profile link to your email signature simply by selecting it from the social icons list in our Web editor .

Add Ello profile link

Get it now

Ello, the trending new social network is free and promises to never advertise or sell its users’ information to any third parties.

Is this your first time hearing about Ello? Ask your friends for an invite and come say Ello.

We are excited to present to you our brand new professional LinkedIn signature App. This app allows you to easily add your mini LinkedIn profile and latest linkedin status to your email. It’s simple and effective, just like handing out your interactive business card every email you send.

This app also presents a completely new experience – it we’ll magically generate your entire Linkedin signature for you! Check it out:


Your LinkedIn signature enables you to promote yourself and grow your network. It will help you establish your personal brand and expertise. You will be easily found and reached on linkedin. From now on every email you send will become an opportunity to connect and expand your professional reach.

While creating this App we asked a couple of LinkedIn experts to try it out, and you should hear what they had to say:

Already a WiseStamp fan?
Adding your linkedin updates to your current signature is easy. Simply go to our Extras section and add the “LinkedIn Updates”.
We hope you like this LinkedIn App as much as we do. Please be awesome and share it with your friends and colleagues:

WiseStamp BlackFriday Sale – 2013

Crazy BlackFriday Deal – $19.90/Year
Save 60% on All premium features
For 3 days only, you get a special 60% OFF – Start emailing like a Pro!
This deal is over – Enjoy WiseStamp pro:
Upgrade to awesome!
-  Unlimited signatures
-  Professional design (e.g. Templates, Custom icons)
-  Advanced management (e.g. assign signatures)
-  WiseStamp branding removal



Twitter & Firefox 23 update AND a Summer Sale AND Sidebar apps AND… is it Xmas already?!

Summer is in the air and it brings with it many cool updates:

First and foremost we brought back Twitter to your email on both Chrome and Firefox!

Which brings us to other exciting news – WiseStamp for Firefox 23 is out!

This includes:

  • Full support for Firefox 23 (obviously)

  • Support for new Gmail Compose, outlook.com, Yahoo and AOL

  • The ultra cool Sidebar Placement (see image)-   Pinterest   Youtube  Twitter

  • And much more….

And of course – it’s not a HOT summer without a summer sale!!

We are happy to celebrate it with you a special 15% off our Pro plan (the awesomest of plans – unlimited signatures, ability to assign signatures to email addresses, Custom and Large social icons and much more:

Our Twitter Email App is Temporarily Down – New Release Coming Soon

Due to recent changes in twitter.com, our popular Twitter Email App is temporarily down  – We are already working on a New Twitter Email App that will use the New Twitter API.


Some of you might have noticed our Twitter Email App stopped working. This is caused due to recent Twitter API changes, that included, among other things, Twitter dropping its support to users RSS feeds on which our application relied on in order to retrieve your tweets.

We are working on a fix that will result in an improved Twitter Email App that will enable you to sign in with your Twitter accounts – we hope and plan to release this update soon – stay tuned. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The WiseStamp team



WiseStamp hits over 500 Million emails sent with Email Apps!!!!!

We are excited to announce that we have just reached the landmark of FIVE HUNDRED MILLION!!!! WiseStamp empowered emails sent.


Well, you might be thinking “so what? It’s just numbers” so, lets take a quick look at exactly what 500 million really is:

  • It’s a lot of zeroes – 8 to be exact!
  • It’s 60 times the population of New York!
  • In weight, it’s 34 thousand elephants!
  • In miles it’s the distance from earth to the sun and back… THREE TIMES!
  • In kilometers it’s 12 million marathons!
  • In days that’s 1 and half million years!

Now that we all understand how huge this number really is, and what a huge milestone it is, it is time to understand the potential that your emails can have for your business. If each of these sent emails contained your business information, that’s the equivalent of handing out 500 million business cards.

So, from all of us here at the WiseStamp team, we would just like to say THANK YOU to all of our users, and keep on sending those emails! Help us hit the 1 Billion Mark!

Promote Your Tumblr in every email you send with the Tumblr Email App

Tumblr Icon Tumblr is making waves in the news with the rumored 1.1 Billion Dollar acquisition bid from Yahoo. We thought we would take this opportunity to let you guys know about our Tumblr email app which has become one of our most downloaded apps. For those of you who do have Tumblr, WiseStamp allows for you to easily broadcast your most recent posts through your email signature. Put your signature to work and get your Tumblr out to the world!

Tumblr Email App

Tumblr Email Signature

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WiseStamp and U ! – SXSW news and updates by WiseStamp

Social browsing and emailing

WiseStamp & U browser SXSW

One of the most trending interactive hanging out spots we found at SXSW ’13 is the Conduit Corner – home of a new browser the – “U”.

Although Conduit hasn’t yet officially launched it, at the Conduit corner we got a special sneak peak of the “U” browser, and took it for a test drive, and we think you guys are going to love it!

It’s social, it’s fast and it’s fun! and the best part is…WiseStamp works perfect with it!

Conduit is about to make the U browser public soon so if you are interested in being one the first users to try it out –
Signup here .

More SXSW tips and impressions to come, so stay tuned…

It’s WiseStamp’s SXSW Digital giveaway time!

SXSW 2013 participants?

Check out our special SXSW giveaway page :

WiseStamp SXSW 2013


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